Rigby                                             Solid Ground (Zadiques Stammer Mix)  2011

Irma Dee - Soul Survivor

The first single by Irma Dee in 2010. She is a wonderful person and talented singer living in my hometown Ede. Again I started with designing the album logo. I designed her logo to be bold and tough but feminine and modern at the same time.

After that I spiced up an original photo done by Richard Sinte.

New color scheme and since I am an absolute flare fan I couldn’t resist adding some of those too :)

Wondrous Steps Into Oblivion

Since forever I have been obsessed with music and especially remixes. Being born in 72 I grew up in the 80’s at the time of the forceful BANG! of 12” records. Apart from being a collector I also produce remixes. My remixes will almost always be faithful to the original mood of a track. They are extended remixes or alternative remixes rather then complete new productions. The goal will always be to not alienate the original fan of a track but rather explore the depths of a production and surprise listeners by unraveling undetected elements while adding a few bits and pieces in the process. 

These pages give an overview of my learning curve as a remix producer and cover designer.

If you have any questions or remarks please send them here

Total Touch vs Zadique                          Fly To Heaven (Touch Me There) 2009


Commercial release of these tracks is illegal. I do not own the copyrights of them!

If you are the legal copyright owner of a track and want it removed please let me know.

Home Produced Remixes

Marco Borsato vs Zadique                                                      Wit (ter) Licht 2011

Fleetwood Mac vs Zadique                                            Go Your Own Way 2011

Paul Young vs Zadique                                           Come Back (And Stay) 2010

Florence & The Machine Remix Contest    You've Got The Love (Pop'd Up Mix)

Róisín Murphy Remix Contest                       Momma’s Place (Zadiques Dance)

John Watts (Fischer-Z) vs Zadique                            One Voice (Club Mix) 2007

Jeff Wayne vs Zadique                      A Braver World (War Of The Worlds) 2008

Communards vs Zadique                                     Never can Say Goodbye 2008

Celldweller Remix Contest                                              Frozen (Club Mix) 2007

Metallica vs Zadique                 Enter Sandman (NeverNeverLand Remix) 2010

For more remixes find and follow me on                             RemixedByZadiquehttp://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=zadique&aq=f

Peter Gabriel Remix Contest                                        Games Without Frontiers

Angelique Kidjo feat. Peter Gabriel                                    Salala Remix Contest

Cover Designs

Hind - Crosspop

I started of designing the album logo. A combination of fonts form Crosspop. A design representation of Hind’s ideas behind the combination of influences in her music.

After the logo came the cover.

Hind’s most important wish was to have it colorful.

Using elements made by my work colleague Gerard I came to this mysterious but beautiful design.   

Hind - Don’t Leave Me Behind

The first single from Crosspop. In the back you can see silhouettes that represent the fans and people around Hind. The idea is also present in the videoclip of this track.

Hind - I Want It

The second single from Crosspop. This time a cool blue and purple design. Again in the back a hint to the lyrics of the track.

Rob Grillo - Is That The 12” Mix?

My first and only book cover to date. This came to life through a contest on facebook. Rob asked his followers their opinion about the first cover draft. It was inspired by the original 12” cover of Blue Monday by New Order. The mixed reactions catapulted the idea for a contest.

One of my entries won and became the official book cover.

I used an original picture found on flicker by Brent Kirkwood who kindly gave his permission to use it when word came in from the publisher.

I made minor changes to the original photo but included a new 12” label inspired, of course, by Blue Monday’s original.

find out more about me

find out more about Hind

find out more about Rob

find out more about Irma

Irma Dee - Life Size Standup

During the radio station promotion tour of the single the record company used life size carton cutouts of Irma. Again a first time for me but apparently the Irma Cutouts did great.

VARGO Remix Contest                            Warriors (Zadique’s Into Oblivion Mix)

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Frankie Goes To Hollywood                                                                Fan Mixes

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Lady vs Antebellum                                    Need You Now (Zadiques Mix) 2011

    Go to remixNeed_You_Now.html

Irma Dee - Goodbye

And the third promo cover art. For this one we wanted something different. We wanted the cover to speak for it self. Song title and balloon art should do the trick.

Nicole J McCloud              Don’t You Want My Love (Zadiques early Mix)  2009

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INXS vs Zadique                        Need You Tonight ( Never Sleep Again)   2011

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Silicone Soul                                                Feeling Blue ( Zadiques Chill) 2012

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Young London                                       Let Me Go ( Zadiques Power Mix) 2012

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Kimbra                                         Settle Down (Zadiques Alternative Chill) 2012

Cutting Crew                              Died In Your Arms (Zadiques 12” Remix) 2013

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The following remixes are commercially available

Released Remixes

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Vargo                                           Warriors (Zadiques Oblivion & Power mix) 2010

Tom Goss                                    In Time (Zadiques Re-Timed Alternative) 2015

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    Go to remixhttps://itunes.apple.com/nz/album/memories-from-expedition-to/id641285029

Irma Dee                                      4 different tracks on the album    2013

The following remixes are entries for online remix contests

Remix Contest Entries